Hi, I’m Lynsey and I was one of the first members of our LGBTQ+ network – Pride in ourselves.


I’m a straight woman and I’m a proud ally so it was important for me to help set up the network and be part of a movement driving inclusion for our LGBTQ+ community. It was also important for me to learn as much as I could to ensure that I had the knowledge to educate my 8 year daughter Ava. I wanted to make sure that Ava has a good awareness and education of the community to ensure she has no prejudices, knowing that she can be whoever she wants to be and that she always has my unconditional love and support.


Being part of the network allows me to ask questions and learn in a safe space. I’ve learned so much about the history and progressive steps the LGBTQ+ community have made and are continuing to make everyday.


It means that I can listen to the voices of LGBTQ+ people both inside our workplace and externally with the networking we do with other organisations. I can hear the challenges and constant setbacks of the community, in particular our trans friends, and can use my own privileges to stand shoulder to shoulder with the community and show my support.


I wanted to be part of a group which helped to educate others and to celebrate all the wonderful LGBTQ+ people in our workplace and our communities so I have been leading the ‘Celebration working group’ and work with a great crew who plan and organise events to recognise key dates on the LGBTQ+ calendar including History Month celebrated in February and Trans Awareness Week in November. The group has created educational resources,  hosted party nights, ran workshops and competitions and most importantly ensures we celebrate every LGBTQ+ identity and gender identity.


I am proud to be part of such a progressive and active network. Proud that I get to support people in the community and proud that I am part of a group making real change in policy, processes, awareness and engagement to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace.


As a network we are empowered to make these changes, to work with all other areas of the business to implement the change and to ensure the changes are embedded.

It gives me a real sense of achievement and to be able to say you’ve been part of creating and introducing a Transitioning at work policy and Inclusive LGBTQ+ workplace training for managers. It gives you the drive and confidence to do more and continue to work on creating a fully inclusive place to work.

This article was written by Lyndsey Kindcaid of our category sponsor, OVO.