Commitment to LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Diversity at OVO

Written by Chief People Officer at OVO Energy, Charlotte Eaton

Happy. Respected. Supported. These are the things we want everyone to feel. Because at OVO you can be your whole self. No matter how you think, what you believe, who you love, how your body works, or what gender you identify as.


As well as my position as Chief People officer, I am proud to be the Executive Co-Sponsor for Belonging, alongside our Chief Operating Officer, Raman Bhatia.


I’m committed to building Belonging at OVO, not just because it’s the obvious right thing to do but also because a more diverse and inclusive workforce is a happier, more engaged and more productive one.


The fact is, we’re a kinder, stronger team when we work together. And we can’t change the world unless we bring everyone along for the ride! That’s why we work tirelessly to promote Inclusion and Diversity, in all sorts of ways. From tacking systemic issues, to challenging unconscious bias – we’re serious about giving everyone at OVO the same opportunity to thrive.


Get this right and we’ll have built something truly great: a place where everyone belongs.


At OVO we have a vision to make zero carbon living possible – it’s called Plan Zero and it’s a movement of thousands of brilliant people. We can only achieve that if our culture is inclusive and our teams are diverse and everyone is valued for who they are.


Our 2030 goal is to build the leading place to work in the UK. For this to happen we know that an environment where we all feel welcome and respected means we can do our best work, ideas can be shared and challenged without fear. It also means we can do better by our members as we reflect them and understand their needs.

This year we issued our first Belonging Report and have set out clear goals to help us build a culture where everyone belongs at OVO. We now have  8 Belonging networks – powered by our people – which are key to ensuring that all voices are heard and represented at OVO.

OVO’s 8 Belonging Networks

Our Networks have helped us update our policies and processes to make sure they’re fully incusive including the introduction of a trans inclusion policy, a speak out policy and our Vault Platform – for people to safely report discrimination.


We have also developed a new training programme for all our Talent Acquisition team and leaders, including sessions covering topics from an introduction to transdender, creating LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace to mental health and wellbeing.


We have also publicly committed to charters such as POWERful Woman, Trans in the City, Tech Talent, Race at work  and Mental Health at work.


There is a long way to go but I’m proud of the steps we have taken over the past 12 months to put Belonging at the heart of OVO.

I am delighted to be presenting the British LGBT Award for Network of the Year to recognise the value and important role networks play in our society.


This article was written by Chief People Officer at OVO Energy, Charlotte Eaton.