The British LGBT Awards Community

A new way of networking


Our attendees will be given special access to an exclusive private view of the British LGBT Awards on Wednesday 25 November from 4pm (the public view will be on the following Friday at 7pm)


The community will be launching for invited members before the awards ceremony on Wednesday 25th November. email for further information

Get your black tie on, take a selfie and get ready for exclusive British LGBT Awards content on Wednesday 25 November from 4pm

Join networking groups with members who have similar interests

Search for people you know by name, company, location or browse our Top 10s or members of each group

Post images, videos or links to relevant groups. Tell us your news and updates or just say hello

Don’t miss out. Join the Awards’ celebrations and our ongoing digital sessions


What is it?

A community network to collaborate, connect and showcase. The community is a networking opportunity for guests at the British LGBT Awards, curated by community members. The British LGBT Awards and our partners will host digital events and exclusives throughout the year, showcasing our winners and Top 10s and giving our like-minded members a space to share news, views and story-tell their experiences. Invited members receive exclusive access to the British LGBT Awards build up, ceremony and ‘back stage’.

  • A virtual community network. Built by the British LGBT Awards but created for, contributed to and curated by community members
  • The community is accessible via web ( or mobile
  • Invited members get access to spaces and access to sponsors, Top 10s, judges and British LGBT Awards content
  • Up to 2,000 members will be invited to join

Why has it been created?

  • A space to connect, collaborate, story-tell and recognise. Find connections and networking with those with common interests
  • A space to access all things British LGBT Awards, including digital events throughout the year
  • A space where invited members can access community-only exclusives

What will the community have access to?

  • British LGBT Awards – on exclusive preview stream (available on private YouTube or accessed through the community) (25th November, 4pm-6pm)
  • Exclusive member-only backstage area
  • Virtual community events: via digital platforms (e.g., Zoom). Events created and curated by the British LGBT Awards, sponsors and Top 10s

How can sponsors be involved?

  • Each sponsor has their own top tier ‘space’ on the platform where resources can be added. These ‘spaces’ can include your company’s ‘network’, videos, reports and external links (accepted files: wav, mp3, jpg, png, avi, mov, mp4, pdf). There is also the opportunity to add internal company events, posts or livestream sessions to your ‘space’
  • Each sponsor will have a network, which will be private (for their invited members) and people can ask to join
  • Sponsors can record a video or do a livestream to introduce / welcome members to their network
  • Sponsors can create and host LGBT+-relevant events (shared in their space and to the whole community)
  • Sponsors can share their organisation’s LGBT+ resources
  • Sponsors can provide updates on the organisations initiatives and activity within the LGBT+ sector

Getting started

We will send the main host a contact form to submit the email addresses of those joining as members. Members will be sent an introductory email with joining instructions.

If you’re a member who hasn’t received their joining email or are having difficulties with the platform, please email

If you haven’t received your joining instructions, please email