The Creation of Trans Inclusion Policies at OVO

Our Pride in Ourselves network quickly grew from a social network who supported each other to a network motivated on driving change and initiatives  to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace and for our customers.

2 years ago, we reviewed our People Policies and compiled a matrix of required changes or additions and worked with our People team to ensure these changes were incorporated throughout our policies.

Back then, we identified a gap around transitioning at work: we had no guide for people or their managers on how  to support people through their transition.Working with Trans in the City and Stonewall, the network set about writing these policies and along the way identified some systems and procedures that had to be changed to make it easier for people to change their gender and their name on all of our systems.

Our policies were launched in time for Trans Awareness Week 2020, along with trans awareness training and briefing sessions for our leaders and People Team. We embedded the policies through creating a safe space for people to ask questions, receive training and role play scenarios.

Since then, we have had one employee fully transition and more trans people joining OVO.

This is what one of the trans colleagues that recently joined OVO had to say about their experience:


“The decision to come out to the recruiter was a difficult one that I had debated for quite some time prior to informing them. I’m what people refer to as cis-passing for the most part, so coming out to the recruiter wasn’t something I felt was necessary. 

However, I came to the conclusion that we as a community need representation throughout organisational levels and I had the opportunity to be that representation. So I took the leap, told the recruiter, and I am SO glad that I did!

The recruiter, Sam, was immediately accepting and understanding and took it in his stride. I haven’t for a single moment felt like I am judged or looked at differently by my colleagues. OVO has excelled in fostering a culture of inclusion which is evidenced by just how welcomed, accepted, and comfortable I feel just being my authentic self at work. I have since told the teams that i lead that i’m trans and it didn’t phase them for a second. As a trans person, I can’t explain to you how incredible it feels to just openly be myself and be treated like everyone else, like I belong.”



This article was written by the fantastic team at our category sponsor, OVO.