Tell us about your accomplishments to date?

I have been working as an active ally with our Pride employee resource group (ERG) for more many years now. In that time I was profiled in the company’s first ally interview as part of the Role Models & Allies scheme. Since then more than 60 other colleagues have signed up to be interviewed, including our CEO. I have also led a initiative to boost communication of Diversity and Inclusion messaging among colleagues who do not have regular computer access at work and so who may miss out on email communications.

Outside of the Price ERG I am also active in our family network promoting awareness among men about the menopause, its symptoms and how it impacts everyone’s lives, not just those who personally experience menopause. We all have female colleagues, sisters, mothers, friends etc, so being aware of how we can support them should be in all our interests.

What are the barriers in representing many intersectional identity groups?

I see the complexity of intersectionality as one of the barriers. Each individual has their own set of intersectional identities which makes the whole picture a patchwork of unique experiences and harder to understand in a generalised sense. This shouldn’t stop us trying though, and by creating the safe spaces where we can talk and discuss the impacts felt by others, we continue to learn and adapt our understanding.

Do you think acceptance is improving?

I definitely think it is, but I also know the task is by no means complete. The more we learn about the challenges faced by intersectional groups, the more opportunities we have to improve our understanding and interactions. I would love to see a day when everyone can be their authentic selves and fully engage with their ideas at work and socially, the world would be so much richer for it.

What does been nominated in your category mean to you?

It is a huge honour to be nominated in this category. Allies in all walks of life provide support, which often goes unseen, but plays a vital role in creating safe spaces. I know there are hundreds of thousands of allies out there and I’d like to thank them all and encourage others to step up too. You never know when your actions will have a positive impact on others, but when it does that impact is immeasurably valuable to the individuals involved.