Legal & General – Top 10 Network Groups or ERGs 2023

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NG Amazon

Glamazon UK


Glamazon, Amazon’s LGBT+ employee resource group, helps Amazon to be a great place to work by educating and informing employees about the LGBT+ community and opportunities. The group mentors fellow employees (both LGBT+ and allies) and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. Glamazon supported the creation of a Transgender Toolkit for managers and employees to use when going through a gender transition in the workplace, celebrates Pride every year by sponsoring a wide range of events and opportunities for employees and their communities, and helps curate LGBT+-specific media on Prime Video, Audible and Amazon Books. In 2021 Glamazon was award a Top Ten placement on the Global Diversity List.

Connect Out


Connect Out is design company Arup’s LGBT+ employee network, founded in 2012. It strives for a work culture that respects, welcomes and celebrates all LGBT+ professionals, empowering them to perform to their fullest potential so they can shape a better world. Connect Out’s work amplifies underrepresented voices, encouraging dialogues that embrace intersectional diversity. In influencing policy, processes and systems, Connect Out takes a leading role in the sector, collaborating with other networks, firms and community groups. They are united by an ambition to influence the work they do to design a more inclusive built environment that truly reflects the diversity of communities.

NG Boots

WBA Pride Alliance UK


The WBA (Walgreens Boots Alliance) Pride Alliance UK, founded in 2019, exists to be a voice for the companies’ LGBT+ colleagues, customers and communities across the globe, to partner with allies and to promote a supportive and inclusive environment. The group do this by leading on year-round events and resources that mark observances such as Pride, LGBT+ History Month and World AIDS Day, alongside driving internal policy updates and promoting inclusive practices for all business areas. The group employs both physical events, such as sponsoring Nottinghamshire Pride and Support Office exhibitions, and virtual events and panels with guest speakers, having amassed more than 280 members.

Proud FT

Financial Times

Proud FT is the Financial Times Group’s LGBT+ employee network. Founded in 2015, it exists to provide a community space for LGBT+ colleagues, promote education on LGBT+ issues for the wider employee population and advocate for inclusive policy and best practice throughout the global FT in collaboration with leadership and the six other ERGs. In 2018, the network initiated a focus on trans inclusion, committing in 2020 to make the FT the most trans-inclusive major media company in the country. In 2022 Proud FT embarked on their most ambitious set of events and initiatives making a positive and material change internally and externally. Proud FT has four main chapters – in London, New York, Manila and Sofia – and more than 250 members.

NG Financial Times
NG Johnson and Johnson


Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, diversity and inclusion are key drivers of success that help them deliver the solutions and innovations that bring healthier lives to the billions of people they serve around the world. Their employee resource groups (ERGs) are uniquely positioned to provide key insights, which ultimately help to drive that success. Open&Out represents a growing global network of more than 5,000 LGBT+ colleagues and allies who are open-minded and out to make a difference by empowering employees, creating inclusive workplaces and championing healthier communities. They told us that they are honoured to be recognised in the Top 10 ERG category this year.


Just Eat

“Whoever you love – or whatever takeaway you fancy – you’re welcome at Just Eat”. They want Just Eat to be at the top of the food chain when it comes to LGBT+ inclusivity by empowering every LGBT+ employee, courier, restaurant partner, customer and ally to feel welcome, supported and recognised. The JET & Proud community powers this mission through building a support network for LGBT+ employees, inspiring the business with global and local events, building awareness of key topics, providing education and influencing inclusive policy building.

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NG LinkedIn



Out@In’s mission is to be a world-class model for LGBT+ ERGs around the global workforce. Launched in 2014, Out@In has grown to 1,300 members across the globe and is currently run by a team of more than 50 Global Leaders, led by Global Co-Chair Bruna Gil, who is based in London. Out@In’s recent achievements include working with the LinkedIn brand team to drive the hashtag #Pride365 during Pride Month, promoting conversations on the platform and highlighting LGBT+ employees on the LinkedIn company page. Out@In has also partnered with Career Accelerator to offer mentoring opportunities for LGBTQ+ young professionals.

Pride Network


Macfarlanes is committed to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. Established in 2017, their Pride network is an embedded part of the firm. It is open to everyone regardless of their sexual orientation and is a safe space for LGBT+ colleagues to share their lived experiences while also fostering active allyship. Each year, the network delivers a range of educational and social events for their people, clients and community partners. By championing LGBT+ voices and issues, the network plays an important strategic role by promoting and reinforcing an inclusive environment for all.

NG Macfarlanes
NG Nationwide



The Proud Network creates an all-inclusive environment where LGBT+ members, colleagues and their families feel a sense of belonging and can be their true selves. They celebrate LGBT+ history and culture, while continuing to educate across the wider organisation on LGBT+ issues and experiences with intersectionality at the heart. Nationwide provides a safe and secure environment to give support to LGBT+ colleagues and members in the moments that matter most. As a network, they aim to establish and build partnerships to share knowledge and make a difference for both the network and on behalf of Nationwide Building Society.

WPP Unite


Unite is the LGBT+ community of creative transformation company WPP. Unite was founded when LGBT+ volunteers from across WPP’s network of advertising, media, design and comms agencies united as a single community to drive impact in their workplaces and authentic representation within their work. Unite advocates for LGBT+ causes and champions queer talent within the ad industry. Alongside a year of events, fundraising and training, in 2022 Unite created the ‘All Our Pride’ campaign for Pride’s 50th anniversary (the world’s first campaign created exclusively by LGBT+ talent), launched ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ (an industry leading study to improve LGBT+ representation within marketing) and grew into a global community with hundreds of members.