LGBTQIA+ Blog Article with PWC

Blog Article 3: Nana Doucoure

My name is Nana Doucoure (She/Her) and I’m a Senior Associate at PwC in our Audit line of service. I was born in South Africa and moved to the UK in 2020, [starting at PwC in 2020].  I subsequently joined our London Shine (LGBTQ+) Committee because I wanted to add my own small contribution to one of our firm’s growing inclusion networks.

Why I am in Shine:

My experience in South Africa, with its historical background of racial segregation, resulted in a  difficult but interesting childhood. Born one year after apartheid ended  meant I was considered to be part of the first generation of children in our country who were racially integrated. However, despite the change in the law,  it was clear to me growing up that people’s hearts and minds were still in the past  – and that profound change would come from small contributions made by individuals in their everyday lives.


Having come out as a Queer, Black Woman in South Africa, my previous workplace, although tolerant, didn’t have any LGBTQ+ networks to celebrate people in our community and, in turn, I didn’t feel the comfortable to tell people about my sexual orientation or correct people when they assumed my partner was male. I wasn’t bringing my whole self to work and wasn’t truly comfortable – this feeling only grew stronger over time and deep down I knew if I wanted to help affect the change needed to support the LGBTQ+ community. As I said above, its the sum of a set of small actions that can really help drive change. This is a movement I wanted to be at the forefront of and am able to do as a member of our PwC Shine network.


My contributions to the Shine network so far have included:


Starting an internal podcast series in the firm called ‘Let’s Talk About’. where members of our shine network have discussing a variety of important topics to the community including Homophobia, Being Bi-sexual, being black and Queer and what that means.


Most recently, a contribution I’m really proud of has been organising and hosting our first fundraiser for Tonic housing which included a Bingo night that raised over £1200. One of our Community partners, Tonic is the first LGBTQ+ retirement community in the UK, helping raise much needed funds to further causes for this demographic..


I hope to keep making contributions to the firm, the wider community and our Shine network that can help make a difference to the LGBTQ+ community.

What I want to see in the future:

PwC is growing more diverse in its people and inclusive culture and I’m encouraged to see the firm  strengthening its focus and placing importance on inclusion and diversity. Being a part of the firm and Shine network has allowed me to bring my true self to work everyday as a Queer, Black, Woman and being in the Shine network allows me to make my own small impact.

I’d like for people who join the firm to continue to know that they have a place where they are included and feel they can be themselves  everyday regardless of their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. And beyond this, I want people to celebrate who they are – not just during ‘Pride’ or certain times of the year and feel they have the opportunity, space and freedom  to do this and  to bring their own large or small, contribution to creating positive change.