LGBTQIA+ Blog Article with PWC

LGBTQIA+ Blog Article with PWC

Blog Article 5: Dipesh Davadra

My name is Dipesh and I am Chief of Staff to the Head of People in the Risk business at PwC UK. I am dedicated to making positive change happen, while ensuring as many people as possible are able to thrive in their work and workplace. I am passionate about people, communications and people engagement.

My background is in marketing, digital and as a generalist. I have worked in London and Melbourne, and across a number of industries. This includes helping kickstart a startup to managing partnerships at complex global organisations.


I thrive at building relationships, and continuously push myself to embrace a worldly mindset, as diversity of thought is incredibly powerful.


I have continuously embedded inclusion and diversity throughout my career, as I believe that everyone has a voice and a story, and as many stories should be shared to ensure relatability to some scale. I am also a supporter of PwC UK’s networks, including the LGBTQ+ network Shine, and have spotlighted the network’s activities to include conversational livestreams on LGBTQ+ history month and ethnic diversity.

I have been through my own struggles with my sexuality and ethnicity, and as a consequence, I believe in volunteering to share my experiences and story with others.


I would love more voices to be heard and more stories to be shared. The world has evolved with more openness; let’s keep on being inclusive as we continue to share diversity of thought.