LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity with BP

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity with BP

Q&A session with BP where they tell us about LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity within their workplace


  • What contribution has BP made to being LGBT+ inclusive that is most meaningful to BP?

Bp is proudly and visibly supportive of people of all diversities in all regions it works in, running an embassy model which aims to ensure all diversities, whether LGBTQ+, whatever race, religion, diverse ability, age, sex or gender, can be themselves, have equity and be safe whenever they are on a bp site. 

BP Pride is bp’s ERG for LGBTQ+ people and is active across the world. They work with bp’s other ERGS to promote all diversities and intersectionalities, even in those regions that are not accepting or where being LGBTQ+ is illegal. 

  • How would BP use being one of the category sponsors of this award to influence others and how would it impact the LGBT+ inclusivity agenda?

Bp is a business that recognizes each employee’s uniqueness and offers different opportunities and support as it aspires to reach equality for all. bp is driven by a responsibility to do things differently and to foster a fairer workplace. Not just because it’s better for our business, but because it’s the right thing to do. By being visible supporters we hope that it will influence others to join with us in furthering inclusion globally.


  • If BP could do one thing, leave one mark, on being more LGBT+ inclusive what would it be?

Bp believes in equity and inclusion for all. It’s our goal to give our employees and the communities in which we work the support and tools they need to thrive. We believe LGBTQ+ people deserve safety, equity and inclusion globally.


  • How does BP promote LGBT+ inclusivity within the workplace?

At bp, you can be yourself. We aim to support all our people so that they can deliver at their best and progress based on their full potential. We believe they can only do that if they are safe and happy to be their authentic selves.

We continue to work hard with bp Pride to move the dial on LGBTQ+ awareness and inclusion and will endeavour to understand more, listen more and do more.