Matthew Taylor

HSBC UK Role Model


Matthew Taylor (he/him) works in the Customer Experience team of HSBC UK. Matt is responsible for ensuring that HSBC UK’s customers across the business have the best experience possible and that the bank offers an inclusive service to all. Over the last 12 months, Matt has been involved with two specific projects that have made a significant difference to HSBC UK’s customers and to the wider LGBT+ community.


Firstly, Matt was heavily involved in HSBC UK’s partnership with Stonewall Housing as part of the bank’s industry-leading No Fixed Address service, which has helped more than 3,200 people experiencing homelessness access banking services since 2018. LGBT+ people are disproportionately impacted by homelessness when compared to heterosexual individuals, and with Matt’s support, HSBC UK is working with Stonewall Housing to help their clients open a bank account in branch when supported by a Stonewall caseworker.  This initiative supports a huge variety of intersectional identities, for example, various LGBT+ individual of faith who are also disproportionately impacted by homelessness. (LinkedIn video)


Secondly, Matt led on efforts to improve the bank’s policy on how customers can change their name on their account, as well as helped address inadvertent hurdles experienced by trans people when using voice recognition as part of telephone banking – improving customers’ experience while also ensuring the safety and security of their accounts.


Matt is focused on ensuring that HSBC UK is as diverse and inclusive as possible, and his efforts have made the bank a much more welcoming place for everyone. It is Matt’s self-declared mission “to make all of HSBC UK’s policies inclusive of everyone, regardless of how you identify”.


As a result of his efforts, Matt was awarded ‘2022 Changemaker of the Year’ by Stonewall. Matt has also appeared in an article on mygwork, highlighting his support for the trans community.


This article was written by Matthew Taylor, from HSBC UK, category sponsors of the British LGBT Awards 2022.