Network Rail Top 10 Network Group (ERG) 2022

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This category is judged based on evidence provided according to the British LGBT Awards criteria.



AIG’s LGBT+ Employee Resource Group is a well-established and valued chapter of its global ERGs. It supports an inclusive culture and represents all dimensions of the LGBT+ umbrella. During 2021, STEP held eight events: panels for LGBT+ History month, lesbian visibility, gender identity, being trans, a sexual health quiz and a company-wide education session. STEP also supports the LGBT+ insurance community, hosting weekly coffee connections and co-hosting a panel on the intersection of LGBT+ and neurodiversity at DIVE In, the annual insurance industry DE&I festival. STEP supports the WAVE LGBT+ Young Professionals Network and contributes to informing the company’s policies.


BP Pride is BP plc’s LGBT+ employees’ group, which was founded in London in 2006. From those early beginnings it has expanded around the globe and now numbers many thousands of employees as its members and allies. BP Pride is extremely active both socially and as an influential part of the business. It drives trans and non-binary inclusion, gay lesbian and bi visibility and allyship within the company. This plays an important role in the BP Pride community’s wellbeing by running weekly socials as well as larger intersectional and LGBT+-specific events throughout the year in partnership with other global organisations and charities.


Hearst Pride UK is the affinity group for LGBT+ employees and allies. It works to foster a safe and inclusive working environment at Hearst UK, highlight and promote inclusive stories across 22 trusted brands and support the LGBT+ community at-large through social outreach and internal education. Its goal is to celebrate the full spectrum of sexual and gender identity while amplifying (and advocating for) marginalised voices within the queer community. #positivelyhearst #proudtobeme


This network exists to foster a culture of inclusion and community for those who identify as LGBT+ and their allies. Launched in 2019, it has championed policy change for all marginalised communities. L&G was the founding member of LGBT Great and InterInvest, which helps foster LGBT+ inclusion in financial services. Working collaboratively with inclusion partners, industry-wide allyship training is delivered, bi visibility is championed and trans and non-binary inclusion through policy is driven, alongside, gender pronouns, internal and industry-wide trans inclusion training. L&G was also the ticket partner for the inaugural Trans Summit and its charity partnerships help transform the lives of LGBT+ young people. It proactively works with its suppliers to increase LGBT+ inclusion and supports customers through a colourful retirement campaign. Visible role modelling and allyship underpin the success of L&G’s dynamic and inclusive network.


Established in 2017, Pride at Mace is an all-inclusive, LGBT+ and allies network celebrating diversity. This employee-led network plays a vital role in creating an inclusive culture, giving people a voice to make change, increasing awareness and raising the profile of LGBT+ people. The network’s steering committee sets the plan, makes key decisions in line with the company’s D&I strategy and works collaboratively with other networks to promote intersectionality. The popular bi-weekly Teams calls provide a safe platform for colleagues to discuss LGBT+ topics, share stories and deepen allies’ understanding of how they can support the community.


The NSPCC’s ‘Pride in the NSPCC Colleagues and Children’ (PINCC) exists as a critical friend to the NSPCC to champion the rights of LGBT+ children, young people, staff and volunteers. The network has gone from strength to strength in recent years, developing a new structure and building values for the network to ensure their purpose is known across the charity, building strong relationships with senior stakeholders along the way. PINCC volunteers have fed in on relevant policies at the NSPCC, run successful external Pride campaigns, developed an educational series for staff and much more.


Sainsbury’s has more than 10,000 staff members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and non-binary. Proud @ Sainsbury’s exists to ensure that no matter what, every LGBT+ person can shape a fulfilling career and achieve their potential. It is an energetic and ever-growing community who amplifies the voices of LGBT+ colleagues to ensure the company has diverse representation and equal opportunities across the business. The Proud Network and its allies work all year round to grow awareness of LGBT+ and intersectional experiences as well as celebrate the valued contribution of Sainsbury’s LGBT+ colleagues.


Proud FT is the Financial Times Group’s LGBT+ employee network. Founded in 2015, it exists to provide a community space for LGBT+ colleagues, promote education on LGBT+ issues for the wider employee population and advocate for inclusive policy and best practice throughout the global FT in collaboration with leadership and the six other ERGs. In 2018, the network initiated a focus on trans inclusion, committing in 2020 to make the FT into the most trans-inclusive major media company in the country. It has three main chapters – in London, New York and Manila – and more than 150 members.


Sky is Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer media and entertainment company with employees across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. Its UK and Ireland LGBT+@Sky network has over 2000 members, with dedicated champions, allies and activists driving the inclusion agenda to make Sky the best place to work. Sky is proud to be recognised as the number 1 UK media company for inclusion by Stonewall and has been recognised as the number 1 inclusive employer according to Inclusion Companies.

Their latest campaigns include Rainbow Laces, partnerships with the NSPCC and Bi Pride, as well as the creation of on demand content to showcase LGBT+ stories, movies and talent via their boxes and apps. They have previously won Stonewell’s Highly Commended Network Group Award and they also support many local and national Pride events across the UK and Ireland.


4Pride launched in 2016, connecting the LGBT+ community at Channel 4 with each other and with allies, supporting their inclusion at the broadcaster. In 2021, the network saw membership grow in bigger numbers than previous years, encouraged by the community-focused, change-driven mindset of its new chairs and the diverse range of events it organises. 4Pride is regularly consulted on queer representation within programming, marketing and changes to internal policy at Channel 4. Most recently, the network has championed gender identity with a powerful video marking International Pronouns Day, offered pronoun badges to everyone and facilitated the option to include pronouns in email display names.