The following is a profile of Ellis Beare from Network Rail

Ellis Beare works as a signaller for Network Rail based in Herefordshire on the English-Welsh border. He started working in a, in his words, ‘little signal box down the line’ but wanted to experience a busier area of operation, and thus applied for a relief signaller position covering eight signal boxes over a distance of 50+ miles.

Ellis said:

“LGBT+ inclusion is extremely important to a business as large as Network Rail whose employees come from an extraordinarily diverse and varied background. In being inclusive, individuals should feel comfortable at work, as well as around their colleagues, and those further up the hierarchy. Nobody should feel unwelcome, or at a disadvantage because of their orientation, and I’m relieved to confidently say I feel neither of those.” on the job that I am here to do. It is clear to see that Network Rail is an inclusive employer for all – one which I am proud to work for.


Network Rail is the sponsor of the ‘LGBT+ Broadcaster or Journalist’ Category at the British LGBT Awards 2019.