Nomura is committed to becoming an inclusive financial services organisation by connecting and enhancing the power of diverse people and thought across all aspects of our business.

“Supporting employees across the broad spectrum of diversity of sexuality and gender identity is critical to this goal,” says Lewis O ’Donald, Executive Sponsor LGBTA Network and Global Chief Risk Officer.  “We recognise that we need to engage with all our employees to fully support our LGBT+ colleagues.”

Every big change starts with a small step, and this cannot be more true than with the launch of our Allies campaign in 2017. This was the first region wide campaign which highlighted the practical ways people could show their support for LGBT+ colleagues: something that had never been done before. A guide was created which explained how to be an Ally and a video produced showing support from our senior executives.  This resulted in the Network membership doubling and vast numbers signing up to become Allies across all divisions and at all levels of seniority.

Ryan helped spearhead the campaign, and his role was pivotal. This is especially inspiring given it was only a year after joining the firm as a graduate that he came out as gay. Ryan now co-heads the LGBTA network committee and is looking forward to the year ahead and new challenges. The focus will be on back to basics training and education on key LGBT+ issues by raising the profile of Allies and LGBT+ employees throughout the firm. In an effort to demystify what it means to be an Ally or LGBT+ in the workplace (and also what it doesn’t!), the network aims to continue the momentum generated by the initial launch and embed an Allies culture into everyday life at Nomura.

“Ever since I came out, with the support of the network committee, I have wanted to act as a visible and vocal role model for all of my colleagues who may be in a similar position,” says Ryan. “The silent environment was something I felt really needed addressing. By introducing badges and other merchandise for Allies to visibly show their support, we have helped people feel more comfortable in their teams and allowed them to bring their whole self to work. I’m extremely proud to see everyone backing this campaign.”

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