The British LGBT Awards are proud to campaign throughout the year in addition to hosting the British LGBT Awards each year.

Campaigns which we are currently working on include:


In 2016 only 8% of corporate nominations came from lesbian or bisexual women. Due to the number being low a survey was undertaken to understand this demographic better, and in October 2016 LBQ Women was created.

It is an initiative that is designed to give more visibility to lesbian and bisexual women in the workplace, to provide role models and show that women can be out and successful.

In 2017 35% of corporate nominations came from lesbian and bisexual women, which is great news!

Find out more about LBTQ Women.



In 2016 the British LGBT Awards launched a survey as part of LBTQ Women to better understand the needs of women in the workplace.

• Two-thirds (64%) said they had experienced some form of negative experience (including sexual discrimination, inappropriate language, lack of opportunity or bullying at work.

• 85.66% said more senior LBW role models would benefit.

Download the survey


In 2018, the British LGBT Awards pledged to help understand better the needs of LGBT youth across the world.

• Launch a survey (which will be released in September 2019)

• Build awareness determined by results of the survey

• Help existing charities through fundraising

Find out more about LGBT25

My Future Family

The My Future Family show initially launched as the Alternative Parenting Show in 2007. For 10 years they have been campaigning for LGBT parenting rights, providing information to help LGBT to start their family, and to share knowledge and information. As part of this, they also run Alternative Family Week in mid-September.

Find out more about My Future Family and Alternative Family Week.

Diversity Careers

We have been focussing on linking up employers with diverse candidates including LGBT+ young people for several years. For many LGBT+ people, working for a company that supports LGBT people is important, however for employers finding these people can be difficult so we are delighted to be able to help in this area.

BAME representation

The British LGBT Awards recognises the particular challenges that ethnic minorities within the LGBT+ community face. After the lack of nominations for the awards, a round table was hosted to discuss the solutions.