The British LGBT Awards is designed to showcase individuals and organisations that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the LGBT+ community. We believe that those who go the extra mile to ensure equality, opportunity and fair treatment for all, regardless of sexuality, deserve to be recognised.


We value inclusion at all levels.  To us, inclusion is an active verb that involves taking the time to seek out under-represented voices. If there’s a voice or perspective missing from a conversation, we make sure it’s heard. 


We value growth through learning.  We understand that everyone is on a journey. We also understand that sometimes people get it wrong. If they learn from mistakes and do better, that’s progress we can be proud of. 


We are curious.  We understand that we don’t know everything.  We ask questions so that we can help in the way that works best for you.


We like to help however we can.  Sometimes this means collaborating with others, or even putting other organisations in contact so that they can help each other.  We understand that no one can work in a vacuum and by helping each other, we can achieve more.


We love to shine a light on those that are doing impressive work.  From platforming role models to showcasing future leaders, we shout about successes because it is inspirational and demonstrates to others what can be done.


The British LGBT Awards is an inclusive organisation. The British LGBT Awards seeks partnerships with funders and sponsors whose core values, mission or corporate responsibility work reflect the values and mission of the British LGBT Awards.


We believe that any concerns raised are an opportunity for organisations or individuals to listen and understand, and where necessary learn and progress. We see feedback as an opportunity to work with organisations to help support their journey and progress on the LGBT+ inclusion agenda.


We take all concerns very seriously and ensure that we have actively looked into any issues raised. If you do have any concerns, we welcome your feedback. In the first instance, please contact us using the following form:

Feedback Form

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.