Ben Jones works alongside Francesca as the Co-Chair of Shine@PwC. His day job is to drive change through role in the Tax Technology business.

Having previously worked in both schools and for a local authority, Ben joined PwC as an experienced hire, and so brought a great understanding of how to get the best out of people whilst celebrating everything that makes them unique.

Outside of work, Ben has mentored and supported students struggling to come out and be themselves in schools. He is well versed at listening and understanding people’s needs both personally and professionally.

Everyone’s abilities to work as part of a remote team have been tested this year, so Ben drew on his experience to build a working group to support members of the Shine Network during lockdown.

The working group has grown and now includes a broad range of people who have made a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ life through their efforts across the pandemic, as we continue to strive to offer even just an ear for everyone as we muddle our own way through.

As well as managing the day to day activity of the UK Shine Network, Ben and Francesca also support other territories across the Globe, such as Hong Kong and Norway to implement their own networks through our lessons learned. By having these conversations we continue to grow as a network, and become more integrated with people networks across the UK and more widely.