TESCO – Top 10 Future Leaders 2022


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This category is judged based on evidence provided according to the British LGBT Awards criteria.



Bruna joined LinkedIn in 2016 and now manages the EMEA Channel Sales business. As a passionate and vocal advocate for LGBT+ rights in the workplace, she recently stepped up as Global Co-Chair for Out@In, LinkedIn’s LGBT+ Network, which works to empower LinkedIn’s LGBT+ community. Bruna has spearheaded the creation and launch of a global leadership programme supporting LinkedIn’s LGBT+ employees and has helped launch Pronouns on LinkedIn after collaborating on the feature. Bruna is an Ambassador for LBTQWomen and sits on the Advisory Board for Career Accelerator, a social enterprise focused on supporting students from underserved backgrounds and LGBT+ mentoring.



With more than ten years of financial services experience, Fabio is a Senior Marketing Manager at Morningstar. Alongside his marketing role, Fabio acts as the EMEA DEI Lead, collaborating with senior leadership, HR, Employee Resource Groups and external associations to ensure DEI is placed firmly on the company agenda. He was recently awarded PIMFA’s Diversity Champion and, in 2020, Investment Week named Fabio 2020’s ‘Diversity Rising Star’. By launching the EMEA chapter of Out@Morningstar, Morningstar’s LGBT+ ERG, Fabio created a safe space and networking opportunity for the community. Acting as a mentor to his peers, Fabio offers advice on his personal experiences to encourage others to be proudly out at work.



Jake started his career as an apprentice, growing in confidence as a visible gay role model in Rolls-Royce’s manufacturing. He continually addresses LGBT+ barriers in that space and has progressed through numerous roles to become Head of Manufacturing. Jake supported the Rolls-Royce LGBT+ network as Community Outreach, engaging with the local community to promote LGBT+ inclusion, the success of which led him to become network Chair in 2021. He devised and managed an LGBT+ reverse mentoring programme, pairing LGBT+ colleagues with leaders and winning him a Rolls-Royce Excellence Award for its impact. Jake also volunteers for AgeUK, supporting elderly LGBT+ people.



Kim is a Managing Consultant at Credera, where they led LGBT+ diversity for three years with a particular focus on policy and trans inclusion, and founded Credera’s LGBT+ network. They are now Diversity lead, working internationally and across networks to drive an intersectional approach to DEI. Externally, Kim is a Director of Trans in the City. In 2020 they arranged online Trans Awareness Week panels for signatory organisations and in 2021 played a key role in organising the Trans in the City Gala. They are the Gender Diversity Rep for Pride in Surrey and volunteer for Diversity Role Models.



Luke is an accomplished interior designer, inclusive design campaigner and EDI champion at his company. He has played a central role in defining the LGBT+ agenda in his business, particularly surrounding campaigns for non-binary and trans awareness. Additionally, Luke has delivered successful initiatives on the importance of allyship and educating clients on the importance of designing LGBT+-friendly spaces using inclusive design principles. Further to this, he is the current co-chair for Building Equality Greater Manchester, who are part of a UK alliance of construction and engineering organisations who strive to champion LGBT+ inclusion in the built environment.



Magda was born and raised in a small town in Poland in the 1980s. She joined NielsenIQ in 2014 and became actively involved in launching the Employee Resource Group, Pride (LGBT+ and allies network) in Europe and has been leading the network since 2016. She currently works in the UK as Insights Team Manager and is ending her tenure as a Pride leader. Magda is a lesbian, happily married to her long-term partner. Diversity and Inclusion is her passion and she’s keenly focused on bringing more intersectionality into the agenda of the resource groups.


Reed Smith

Oliver is the London co-chair of Reed Smith’s global LGBT+ network, Prism. He has put Prism at the core of the firm’s D&I strategy by drafting its first ever transitioning policy and promoting trans and bi inclusion through interactive workshops with Global Butterflies and the London Bisexuality Network. Oliver further hosted a Pride event for 150 clients, coordinated senior allies’ training and LGBT+ recruitment, as well as a series of fireside chats with global LGBT+ role models. Passionate about access to the legal profession for all, Oliver has spoken at numerous internal and external panels for aspiring solicitors from LGBT+ backgrounds. Oliver led the setup of the Diversity Role Models scheme within his firm, which seeks to promote LGBT+ awareness among pupils in London.


Shell UK Ltd

Twenty years ago, Patrycja was a quiet, antisocial and shy individual. Fast forward 22 years and Patzy was able to share her experience of coming out with Shell UK to help others feel confident and comfortable in opening up. In 2021, she was given an award as a changemaker for Shell UK through her implementation of the Shell canopy forecourt Pride wraps delivered throughout the UK over the Pride months. Patzy promoted D&I for customers and colleagues and has continued to take a leadership role.



Sophie is the UK Co-Chair of Shine, PwC’s LGBT+ network. She champions inclusive behaviour and proactively engages employees, with a focus on bringing together underrepresented minorities, profiling success and encouraging the sharing of experiences. In 2021, she led internal and external panels on Lesbian Visibility Day, with one called ‘Coming out in the Black Community’ and a session on pansexuality, non-binary and asexuality. Sophie also sits on the East Midlands Alliance Network, which she helped to establish in 2020. She recently led and facilitated an in-person/ virtual Alliance Network event on LGBT+ mental health, engaging some inspiring and important voices in the Midlands.


Credit Suisse

Sophy has been an engaged, visible member of the Credit Suisse UK LGBT+ and Ally Network since joining the firm in 2019. Working in risk, she has a D&I support role with technology, was a featured D&I role model for Internal Audit and has written articles for IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) and the Lesbian Day of Visibility. Her experience of being different, and that difference being noticed, is ever present; an identical twin who was regularly misnamed and nearly always pointed out by passing strangers ensures an empathy that sits alongside life as a gay woman. She seeks to “be the leader I never had”, positively disrupt the status quo and ground her passion and commitment in a resolute expectation of equity.