BP – Top 10 Inclusive Employer or Company 2022


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This category is judged based on evidence provided according to the British LGBT Awards criteria.


Spectrum is open to all colleagues who are interested in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer-inclusive (LGBT+) community. Its focus is on supporting LGBT + colleagues at Barclays, creating an inclusive environment where colleagues can bring their whole self to work and make a valuable contribution to the overall success of the organisation. Its proudest moments have included adoption of pronouns across the business, a successful virtual Pride event series, continued support for Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, hosting its first all-trans colleague panel event and sharing powerful colleague stories both internally and externally.


Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Whether that means searching for LGBT+-owned businesses or non-profits, learning more about gender identity, or finding a community on YouTube, they strive to help everyone navigate their own journey. Building inclusive products and experiences relies on building diverse teams. They are proud to hire Googlers from a range of backgrounds and foster a culture in which they can contribute as their true, authentic selves. By partnering with non-profit organisations, they aim to make opportunities for underrepresented groups even more equitable and accessible.


JET is a proud advocate for LGBT+ inclusion. The ‘JET and Proud’ LGBT+ committee brings together a network group of hundreds of colleagues from across 24 countries who meet regularly. The company works alongside a wider Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging programme that includes Black and Minority Ethnic colleagues, neurodiverse colleagues, women, parents and carers, and more. The committee focuses on: celebrating and supercharging LGBT+ talent, supporting restaurant partners to be inclusive and making sure every customer interaction is inclusive. Whoever you are — or whatever takeaway you fancy – you’re welcome at JustEatTakeaway.com.


Macquarie Group is a diversified financial services group providing specialist, global expertise in areas such as infrastructure, energy and commodities. Founded in Sydney in 1969, the group now operates in 32 markets globally. Macquarie has been an active investor in the UK for more than 30 years, employing around 2,000 people directly with a further 16,000 employed through the businesses we manage. They focus on innovation, careful risk management and delivering sustained long-term value for clients, partners, investors, staff and broader communities. They recognise that equity, success and personal empowerment must be available to all their people as a right, not a privilege, and that they must continue to make efforts both outside and within the workplace to build a future that secures these rights for everyone.

You can discover more about Macquarie at https://www.macquarie.com/uk/en/careers/diversity-and-inclusion.html


Metro Bank is committed to inclusion for LGBTQ+ colleagues and throughout 2021 our colleague network group, Mpride, has been focusing on inclusion for all colleagues, notably those who identify as trans. We have introduced optional gender pronouns on email signatures and HR records, as well as allowing internal and external candidates to select their preferred pronouns when applying for roles. We have also added a statement to our office dress code, encouraging colleagues to dress in a way that fits with the gender they identify with. At Metro Bank, we embrace diversity and encourage our colleagues to be their authentic selves at work every day.


The company’s LGBT+ network, Pride in Ourselves, raises awareness and celebrates every LGBT+ identity, with love and support for all. Happy. Respected. Supported. These are the things they want everyone to feel. Because at OVO you can be your whole self, no matter who you love, how your body works, or what gender you identify as. The fact is, OVO is a kinder, stronger team when everyone works together. They can’t change the world unless they bring everyone along for the ride!


This multinational advertising and PR company is one of the oldest and largest communications companies in the world. Its UK HQ is based in the iconic Television Centre in west London. LGBT+ employees from Media, Communications, Sapient and Healthcare divisions are provided a safe space by Égalité (French for equality), the company’s LGBT+ business resource network, which designs an unmissable annual programme of events and adds tremendous value to Publicis and its clients. Its 2021 highlights included an LGBT+ History Month video series and live panel, London Trans Pride march and ‘Shine On’, an exciting initiative for Trans Awareness Week.


LGBTQ+ at Tesco exists to support and empower the company’s LGBTQ+ colleagues so that they feel confident to be themselves at work and be the best that they can be. Tesco wants to connect its members together in a safe environment and provide support for those who need it as well as career development opportunities. They seek to educate the business on a range of issues and the spectrum of identities and celebrate its diverse workforce. Tesco is a business where everyone is welcome, which uses its scale for good and where everyone is an ally. LGBTQ+ at Tesco also advocates on behalf of LGBT+ customers and works across the community to support a range of initiatives and charities.


As Stonewall Diversity Champions they are committed to LGBT+ colleagues and customers. Thames Water has a thriving employee Pride network, where senior leaders take part in reverse mentoring and LGBT+ colleagues work on policies like its trans and non-Binary guidelines and LGBT+ Manager’s Toolkit. Customer systems include non-binary options and mandatory ‘Inclusion Heroes’ training ensures everyone knows how to be a good ally. They also installed two new rainbow drain covers in autumn 2021 to celebrate the LGBT+ communities they serve, with two more planned for London in 2022 to recognise 50 years since the first London Pride.


Unilever is globally committed to building an inclusive organisation, where everyone feels able to bring their authentic self to work. The company is a Stonewall Diversity Champion and was identified as Workplace Pride’s “most improved LGBTQI+ inclusive private-sector organisation globally” in 2020. Unilever’s proUd network is thriving and supports Unilever on its inclusion journey. The brand also support the LGBT+ community, with Unilever recently joining Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign. Unilever has also boldly committed to spending £1.7 billion annually with diverse suppliers, including those that are LGBT+ owned. Unilever also focuses on attracting diverse talent, recently joining myGwork and sponsoring National Student Pride in 2021.