LGBT+ Charities or community initiatives 2016

In alphabetical order

This category is for a charity or community initiative that has changed or continues to change the lives of LGBT+ people.


Since the law changed in 2002 to allow same-sex couples to adopt, the First4Adoption charity has been giving advice and welcoming prospective same-sex parents. Their website includes a wealth of useful advice and tips and has recently included information regarding becoming a trans adopter.

Freedom To Donate

The FreedomToDonate campaign and petition calls out for a review to the current guidelines around those who are able to give blood. There could be thousands of people willing to make this life-saving donation who are currently restricted from doing so. FreedomToDonate, which campaigns for those who wish to donate blood to be able to do so, and to do so safely, welcomed a review this year on who can safely donate.

Inclusive Networks

Inclusive Networks brings networks, charities and community groups of all diversity strands together – to learn from each other, to share, to collaborate and most importantly, to celebrate the many successes of network groups. This is done with authenticity! Former Chair of The Co-op’s Respect network, Thomas Anderson, launched Inclusive Networks on 20 October 2014. Network groups are an integral part of the Diversity & Inclusion and engagement agenda in many organisations. Thomas has profiled and celebrated the work of LGBT networks, LGBT role models, charities and celebrities via his website.

LGBT Foundation

The LGBT Foundation charity is based in Manchester and has been offering their advice services since the turn of the century. They recently rebranded from LGF to LGBTF to include their trans work. They have also widened their areas of support to include anti-bullying, sexual heath, drug support and more. Their larger campaigns this year have focused on improving support from GPs for LGBTs, and ‘Village Angels’ – the safer streets initiative.

National Trans Youth Network

This small organisation works with trans youth groups across the UK. In 2014, they launched their first annual conference, which had 120 young trans visitors. This annual event is free to attend. The organisation meet up on a regular basis to develop various campaigns and events around the country.

The Rainbow Project

The Rainbow Project has been running since 1994. The health organisation began mainly working around HIV initiatives, but now strives to improve the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of LGBT people in Northern Ireland. The organisation is now the largest of its kind in Northern Ireland and have two centres; one in Belfast city centre and the other in Foyle, Londonderry.


Stonewall is the largest LGBT charity of its kind. The organisation’s main functions are workplace equality, education and their new trans agenda. Stonewall release their Workplace Equality Index annually and have produced celebrity-endorsed mainstream campaigns such as ‘Some People are Gay, Get Over it’.


The not-for-profit community group was set up to inspire all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people to help make a real difference. The festival was co-founded in 2013 by My Transsexual Summer’s resident campaigner and film-maker, Fox Fisher.