Top 10 LGBT+ Corporate allies 2015

In alphabetical order

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Martin Egan

Global Head of Primary Markets and Origination at BNP Paribas

Martin Egan is the Global Head of Primary Markets and Origination at BNP Paribas, encapsulating Syndicate, Debt Capital Markets and Securitisation. Martin is a committed advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The benefits, he says, include a strengthened brand and more diversity of thought within the organisation, which leads to better decision-making and improved problem solving; increased ability to compete in global markets; greater employee engagement and higher performance overall. Martin is a strong believer that the core of any business is its workforce and that D&I is the best way to make the most of that.

WINNER!   Sarah Maskell

Squadron Leader at RAF (previous)

Squadron Leader Sarah Maskell is an enthusiastic and passionately engaged Straight Ally, leading and driving improvements for LGBT personnel by identifying, influencing and inspiring change. Squadron Leader Maskell leads the LGBT activities that the RAF is involved in, operating at the strategic levels to influence the RAF Management Board and at the tactical levels to shape future policies and practices. Squadron Leader Maskell has delivered a number of motivational and inspirational presentations on Diversity in the US, NATO and at variety of UK events, evidence that her efforts have elevated the RAF’s reputation as an LGBT employer. Squadron Leader Maskell has driven a strong RAF benchmarking submission programme across Gender, Race and LGBT.

Benny Higgins

CEO at Tesco Bank (previous)

Benny has extensive experience within the financial services industry. During a career which started in 1983 at Standard Life, he has held senior positions within the worlds of investment management, retail and business banking. From being a Member of the Group Executive at Standard Life, Benny moved to RBS (in 1997) as Chief Executive of Retail Banking until 2005. During this time he led the successful integration of NatWest Retail Banking – the largest single merger in UK banking for some time. Before joining Tesco Bank, Benny served as Chief Executive Officer of the Retail Business of HBOS plc.

Curt Hess

Chief Financial Officer of Personal and Corporate Banking for Barclays PLC

Curt is the Chief Financial Officer of Personal and Corporate Banking for Barclays PLC. Throughout Curt’s career. Curt has promoted diversity throughout his personal and professional life. He has been chosen as a speaker for many diversity and inclusion events, including the European Diversity Conference. He recently won the ‘Out in the City 2014 Corporate Straight Ally Award’. Curt is extremely proud of the work that Barclays does to challenge perceptions and advocate diversity for their customers and colleagues.

Mark Gorry

Board Member at EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

Mark is a board member of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd. As Chief Nuclear Officer (Region 1) Mark is responsible for the safe operation of 4 of the UK’s nuclear power stations. Mark has been sponsor of EDF Energy’s LGBT Supporters Network for the past 3 years. The network supports all of the company’s 15,000 employees on LGBT issues. He has spoken passionately about why he volunteers as an ally in EDF Energy’s employee communications and at external events. In particular, he champions LGBT inclusion in EDF Energy’s power stations. Recognising potential challenges in this predominantly male industrial environment, Mark hosted an employee focus group to explore LGBT and ally authenticity.

Lieutenant General James Everard

British Army

Lieutenant General James Everard is one of the most senior officers in the Army and the Army’s LGBT Champion. As a result of his leadership in this area, the Army was recognised by Stonewall as a Top 50 employer of LGB personnel for the first time in 2015. Despite having an exceptionally busy role as Commander Land Forces, he is a visible and vocal champion – engaging regularly with the Army’s LGBT forum in order to understand the issues facing soldiers at all levels and representing the Army at external events such as London Pride. He encourages soldiers and officers throughout the Army to embrace diversity and become inclusive leaders. In his own words, “I know the type of Army I want to serve in, and it is one where we are all of one company”.

Vicky Wickremeratne

Simmons and Simmons

Vicky is an employment lawyer and co-chair of the Straight Allies Network at Simmons & Simmons. Prior to re-joining the firm in 2013, Vicky was a Managing Director and MD Ally at a large investment bank in Asia. At Simmons & Simmons, Vicky has been engaged in a number of initiatives as a Straight Ally, in particular, at the launch of Stonewall’s Global Workplace Guide in June 2014. Vicky spoke about the various initiatives Simmons & Simmons has in place to support its LGBT colleagues as they embark upon international assignments. She participated in a panel discussion at an interbank forum discussing the importance of “Engaging the LGBT Consumer”, and has spoken at several focus groups and schools about being out at work and the rold of straight allies.

Qammer Hussain

Head of Property Sales & Marketing at Newlon Housing Trust

Qammer is Head of Property Sales & Marketing at Newlon Housing Trust. She has helped LGBTs become more aware of the benefits and availability of affordable housing, and has put diversity to top of the agenda at Newlon.