LGBT+ Destinations 2015

In alphabetical order

This category recognises the travel destinations that have successfully welcomed or are popular with the LGBT+ community.


Amsterdam is one of the most attractive cities in Europe for LGBT visitors. Nowhere in the world you will find so many gay-friendly attractions per square metre, as in the city centre of Amsterdam. As such, it’s no small wonder that Amsterdam became so popular with gay visitors. For centuries ‘Amsterdammers’ have had a relaxed and tolerant attitude towards different life styles. ‘Live and let live’ is one of the city’s favourite sayings. Gay Pride Amsterdam is usually held at the end of July and events include the Canal Parade, street parties and club nights.


Brighton’s seaside town has become a firm British favourite for LGBT tourists and residents alike. The annual Summer Pride event attracts tens of thousands of people from across the country and beyond to partake. The emphasis on Brighton is gay-friendly. The town has a number of gay-friendly hotels and B&Bs, plus some that are gay-owned. There are plenty of gay bars and clubs to suit a variety of tastes. For those who are looking beyond, there’s also attractions such as Brighton Pier or good shopping opportunities around the Lanes.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of Europe’s most popular gay beach destinations.
This little piece of Spain, some 150 km off the West African coast, is a hugely popular holiday destination. Gay Gran Canaria is hot all year round, easy to get to and not expensive. ‘The Yumbo Centre’ has become a hub for the LGBT community and the shopping centre has many gay and inclusive bars, clubs and restaurants. Gran Canaria Pride is celebrated in May, attracting over 150,000 people from around the world.

Key West

Aside from its natural beauty and eclectic charm, Key West’s warm, come-as-you-are attitude is one of the main reasons for the island’s popularity with LGBT visitors. Key West is safe, seductive and real – a genuinely LGBT-friendly sanctuary where you can be open, relaxed, make new friends, and savour this small town’s live-and-let-live philosophy. So go ahead. Hold hands. Embrace. Hang out. No one will bat an eye. No wonder Key West’s motto, “One HumanFamily”, was officially adopted by the City Commission. Just some of the reasons why LGBT visitors feel more themselves in Key West than anyplace else in the world.


Traditionally viewed as the country’s most conservative city, the capital of southern Italy is reinventing itself as a cosmopolitan gay destination. Trendy boutique hotels are becoming the norm. The shopping is second to none; unsurprising as Naples has rivalled Milan as a fashion centre for centuries. This was the city that gave us the term “sartorial”. There’s more to the food than the famous Neapolitan pizza, and the city’s underground with its brand new facelift and striking art installations was recently voted the best in the world. Bars, clubs, saunas and gay friendly accommodation serve the LGBT community and this year’s Pride takes place June. The Naples region has been a favourite LGBT party spot since the 1st century BC. It’s time to celebrate its LGBT friendly atmosphere in the 21st century.


Paris may be the city of romance, however it is not only a destination for Mr & Mrs couples, but also has a thriving LGBT scene. Up until 2014, it had an openly gay mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, who came out two years before running for office.
Local gays and lesbians say that they encounter very little, if any, discrimination in their day-to-day lives, and feel integrated into mainstream society. The annual Pride March, held on the last Sunday in June, is a powerful reminder of what the gay rights movement has accomplished over the last 30 years, and of what is yet to be achieved.


The Stockholm Gay and Lesbian Network, a project within Stockholm Visitors Board is unique, as it’s funded by partners who are passionate about bringing gay and lesbian travellers into the city. It works on groundbreaking global campaigns to market and develop Stockholm as an interesting and attractive destination to LGBT travellers.  Stockholm is the place where “narrow streets meets open minds” – a truly gay-welcoming, exciting, adventurous, cultured, trendy, sensual, delicious, social, fun, feminist, and queer destination. Stockholm has long been attracting LGBT tourists, but it was just a few years ago that targeted campaigns to draw British LGBTs kicked-off, firstly creating interest in the destination for its world-famous Pride celebrations, but then driving more specific all-year-round interest in its sophisticated culture, fashion, food and LGBT lifestyle – and its beautiful and friendly people.


Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Coast Mountains, Vancouver is sassy, sophisticated and outdoorsy. Consistently recognized as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver is home to two million people who enjoy a mild climate, inspiring scenery, and a wealth of outdoor and urban activities. The city soared up the ranks of hot gay getaways when same-sex marriage became legal in 2003 (as it now is in all of Canada), and is also home to Western Canada’s largest gay population. Visitors can enjoy everything a world-class destination should be: diverse shopping and neighbourhoods, award-winning and multifaceted cuisine.