Top 12 Diversity Heroes 2024

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This category is judged based on evidence provided according to the British LGBT Awards criteria.


This category is for an LGBT+ individual who has pushed the boundaries when it comes to LGBT+ inclusion within their company and beyond, going over and above their day job to have LGBT+ inclusion and wider diversity initiatives at the core of everything they do.

Abigail Myles (1)

Abigail Myles

Legal & General

Abi is a passionate member of Cardiff’s Diversity and Inclusion committee for Legal & General. She helped relaunch its LGBTQ+ Network and organises the company’s participation in Pride Cymru. Through this she also represents the company on a Cardiff-wide network who work closely with the Welsh government to expedite their policies to make Wales the most LGBTQ+-inclusive country in Europe. Abi is also on the committee for the wider LGBTQ+ network within the company. In November 2023, she fully transitioned in work and has since advocated for and supported trans colleagues across the company as well as working with its HR department to review and update policies on transitioning in the workplace. Her plan for 2024 is to continue supporting and educating colleagues in trans inclusion in the workplace.

Bryce Hunt

South Western Railway

Bryce is a station manager for South Western Railway, a dedicated foster carer and is also working towards a Level 6 IED certification. Bryce has chaired the Pride Network at SWR for the past three years and has been instrumental in fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity, acting as a LGBTQ+ role model and advocate. As chair, Bryce has collaborated closely with both internal and external stakeholders to pioneer the introduction of an inclusive intersex train, marking a significant milestone in railway history with the inclusion of the intersex flag. Working closely with internal teams, he facilitated the implementation of trans and non-binary guidance, introduced new working practices and established a Network committee dedicated to advancing ideas and plans for a more inclusive railway. This proactive approach extended to supporting Pride events, implementing station colouring for increased inclusivity and engaging teams in organising historical events and poster campaigns.


Bryce Hunt (1)
Cai Cherry (1)

Cai Cherry

DLA Piper

Proudly queer and disabled, Cai is a trainee solicitor at DLA Piper’s London office, with specific interests in litigation, equalities, human rights and sanctions, and is on track to be admitted to the New York State Bar within the next 12 months. They are a London representative for the DLA Piper LGBTQ+ network Iris and spearheads client collaborations and internal initiatives promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community. They are also the UK lead and co-founder of DLA Piper’s Enabled Represents pro bono practice for disability, neurodiversity and mental health. At university, Cai worked on the team supporting Lord Neuberger and Amal Clooney on drafting a report into freedom of speech in international law. An award-winning disability activist, in his spare time, Cai is a writer, a reader and, perhaps above all, a diehard Swiftie (with the tattoo to prove it).

Clare Coates


Clare is co-chair of Barclays Spectrum, the bank’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group and a role model in the DE&I space. Alongside her day job as Head of Business Management for Business Banking, Clare has been keen to make an impact by championing DE&I both internally and externally, encouraging companies and individuals to embrace diversity. Clare joined Barclays in 2012 and has been passionate about driving inclusion through all areas of the business.

In 2023, she shared her personal story internally and externally as part of Barclays ‘Letter to my younger self’ campaign. Through telling her story, Clare aimed to show others how important it can be to be able to bring your whole self to work and the benefits of being part of an ERG.

Clare Coates (1)
Dan Stubbs (1)

Dan Stubbs


Dan is a marketing measurement, data and technology leader at Dentsu, a global network media agency. They lead a team of consultants, focused on digital transformation, privacy readiness and data utilisation; they also support business development and thought leadership and have appeared at several industry events, presenting and speaking on panels. Alongside their day job, Dan is an active and prominent member of Dentsu’s Proud, its LGBTQ+ ERG, the company’s parents and carers’ community, and its Social Impact Champions network. They have worked on initiatives supporting charity partners, including We Create Space and Outvertising, and educate colleagues and peers through blogs, training and campaigning. They firmly believe in using their influence to catalyse change and improve inclusion for all. Dan is a visible, out-and-proud queer person in a senior position, who is an expert in their field and a shining example of LGBTQ+ representation in marketing.

Fabio Peyer


With more than a decade of financial services experience, Fabio is a Marketing Director for Morningstar Indexes. Alongside his day job, Fabio is a passionate DEI advocate and spokesperson, having implemented Morningstar’s initial DEI programme, and he champions a team of regional DEI leads. Upon launching Morningstar’s LGBTQ+ ERG, Fabio creates a safe space by hosting both confidential and public sessions which aid peers on being out at work. Fabio’s determination to progress change for the LGBTQ+ community has led to him spearheading the investment industry’s first-ever LGBTQ-values aligned investment vehicle. Fabio’s efforts have received industry recognition as he was awarded ‘Top 10 Future Leaders 2022’ by the British LGBT Awards, ‘Top 100 Gamechangers 2022’ by LGBT Great, PIMFA’s ‘Overall D&I Champion Award’ in 2021, and was named ‘Diversity Rising Star in Asset Management’ by Investment Week in 2020.

Fabio Peyer
George Evans

George Evans


In the past 12 months, George has dedicated himself to educating the world about transgender experiences and advocating for better support in workplaces. Serving as a voice for those who face safety concerns, legal restrictions, or fear of judgment, he shared his story on LinkedIn, reaching more than six million people. This visibility led to invitations from many global companies, including Duolingo, where he participated in a panel discussing trans experiences. Additionally, George spoke at the Hope For Life Conference to around 150 attendees about his mental health journey and the positive impact of transitioning. He extended his outreach to support parents, engaging in video calls with those whose children struggled with isolation. Opportunities also arose for George to become a public speaker for Lights on Mental Health and a ‘Milkfluencer’ for Milk Education, fostering positive change in UK schools.

Jade McDermid

Baker Hughes

Jade is a supply chain manager at Baker Hughes, where she also co-leads the UK Pride@Work ERG and is a DEI ambassador.  She has led Baker Hughes’s participation in the local Grampian Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and bring employees and local customers together. Jade is passionate about collaborating with Baker Hughes’s ERGs and has been involved in initiatives such as enhancing toolkits for working parents, supporting employees undergoing fertility treatments and educating teams globally on the importance of using pronouns in business language as a means of supporting inclusion. Jade has been featured in numerous Pride@Work events, where she proudly shares her experiences as a lesbian: from her coming out experiences and her career to starting a family. Believing in the power of inclusion, Jade is determined and passionate about being a visible LGBTQ+ person, leader and role model.

Jade McDermid
Marion Bentata (1)

Marion Bentata

State Street

Marion is the Chief Administrative Officer for Global Technology Services at State Street. She was the co-chair of State Street’s UK Pride Network for a number of years while also being the co-chair of Interbank, the network of LGBTQ+ networks for financial services firms in the UK. She is also the founder of Women of Interbank. As a role model, Marion regularly appears on panels with a view to beint visible and raising awareness around the specific issues facing LGBTQ+ women in the workplace and beyond. Within Interbank, where she was only the second female co-chair, she set up and leads a sub-committee entirely dedicated to women-focused initiatives. In recognition of her work in the DEI space, Marion has received a number of awards over the years.

Seth Cameron – Crichton


Seth is part of a driving force in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, blending personal advocacy with professional leadership to create lasting change. Through a combination of online storytelling, workplace initiatives to help the welfare of our community and fundraising for local and UK-wide charities through various activities, Seth is contributing to a more inclusive and affirming world for all members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans men and masculine individuals. As a trans man himself, he recognised that there was still a lack of visibility for trans men/masculine people. which he is trying to make improvements to with his social media presence. He is actively involved in awareness campaigns and educational initiatives like coffee mornings with other trans men and non-binary transmasculine people. Sharing personal experiences, Seth aims to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and create a more understanding and supportive society.

Seth Cameron-Crichton copy
Shane O'Rourke (1)

Shane O’Rourke


Shane is the Head of Performance Marketing for Diageo GB and chair’s the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, which has more than 50 members. Diageo’s Rainbow Network vision is to elevate and empower LGBTQ+ employees and allies, and transform Diageo into an influential cultural beacon. Shane tells us that “collaboration with our other ERGs, to lift one another up, and meaningful partnerships, like our current partnership with of Queer Britain will help achieve this vision and create a more inclusive environment in and out of Diageo”. Before Diageo, Shane chaired the LGBTQ+ ERG at Reckitt Benckiser, who achieved gold recognition status in Stonewall’s Workplace Index under his leadership. Outside of work, Shane sits on the leadership team for Out In Tech’s London chapter, a non-for-profit whose mission is to create opportunities for its members to advance their careers, grow their networks and leverage tech for social change.

Zoe Megins-Davies


Zoe is a consultant, researcher and writer working in urban planning and the creative industries. Their inclusion work informs a holistic approach to human-centred design while their unwavering commitment to social value, equity, diversity and activism is central to all they do. Zoe is driven by building more inclusive places for all and is leading on research into the decolonisation of urban planning practices and the co-design of public places with LGBTQ+ communities.

As a queer, fat, disabled, gender-fluid person, intersectionality is at the heart of Zoe’s personal philosophy and professional practice. They are chair of Arup’s LGBTQ+ network Connect Out, have presented for Stonewall and myGWork on Workplace Allyship and are the Project Lead for the new National Transgender Monument. They are also a proud Role Model for LGBTQ+ charity Diversity Role Models and a board member for 20 Stories High, a Liverpool arts company amplifying working-class voices on stage.

Zoe Megins-Davies (1)