Top 12 Network Groups or ERGs 2024

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NG Amazon (2)

Glamazon UK


In 2023, Glamazon UK has transformed its outreach across the UK, prioritising inclusion for Amazon’s LGBTQ+ employees, with an emphasis on its operations teams. Glamazon UK’s regional structure grew by 30 per cent, with 11 leads managing seven regions at more than 75 sites. Recognising the importance of accessibility for those with limited access to corporate IT, Glamazon now has QR code-equipped banners at every UK site, allowing the network’s 2,500 active members and other interested parties to access resources and events, promoting inclusivity, and fostering LGBTQ+ pride. To grow connections between members, the network staged events around the country for LGBTQ+ History Month and at regional pride events. A highlight was the implementation of a buddy programme, pairing Glamazon members attending the same pride events. Recognising its diverse community, Glamazon also staged inclusive sport events, including a game against Notts Lions FC. Glamazon also worked alongside the Terrence Higgins Trust to launch a worldwide fact sheet for supporting employees with HIV/Aids, as well as holding training sessions to develop leaders in how to support anyone in their team.

Pride Alliance Network


At Aon, colleagues are at the core of everything they do as a firm and the commitment to them is an essential part of how they do business. Colleague diversity, inclusion and wellbeing are foundational to Aon’s culture and values. Its Business Resource Groups (BRGs) create opportunities for colleagues to connect, learn and celebrate as part of a diverse, inclusive workplace. The UK Pride Alliance BRG was established in 2008 and is passionate about maintaining inclusive environments and safe spaces for all colleagues, focusing on LGBTQ+ communities and empowering allies. Josh Rowland-Bucknall, the co-chair, is supported by a strong committee and, alongside the BRG’s members and allies, oversees activities which foster that cultural agenda, deliver impact to communities and support colleagues. he engages with Aon leadership on the Pride Alliance strategy and champions an intersectional and global approach to diversity and inclusion.


BAE Systems

OutLink, the employee-driven BAE Systems LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, is a key part of the company’s work to build a culture of inclusion and belonging. OutLink was created to support employees by providing a safe environment for employees to discuss their experiences. They work with the business to raise awareness of and address specific LGBTQ+ workplace issues, including the development of inclusive policies. OutLink has provided significant benefits for employees who may be experiencing LGBTQ+-related problems at home or at work, and is recognised as a valuable resource for everyone at BAE Systems.


Channel 4

4Pride, Channel 4’s LGBTQIA+ ERG, is a dynamic and voluntary initiative fuelled by passionate staff members committed to fostering inclusion, diversity and equality within the organisation. Founded on the principles of advocacy and empowerment, 4Pride actively works towards creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and accepted. It engages in various initiatives, from awareness campaigns to educational events, contributing to a culture of understanding and respect. Driven by the belief that diversity is an asset, 4Pride plays a vital role in making Channel 4 an exceptional place to work. The ERG strives to ensure that every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can thrive in a supportive and welcoming environment. Through their voluntary efforts, 4Pride contributes to shaping Channel 4 as an exemplar of workplace excellence, embracing the strength that comes from embracing differences.



Spectrum, GSK’s ERG, works tirelessly to champion the rights, voices and views of its incredible LGBTQ+ community, ensuring that everyone feels empowered, safe and proud to be their authentic selves. They celebrate our achievements and journeys loudly and proudly while enabling and growing the company’s advocacy. Its 2023 achievements included: a ten-day Transgender Day of Visibility campaign alongside the launch of a Trans Resource Guide and Support Pack for employees, leaders and colleagues; Role Model Breakfasts featuring visible LGBTQ+ and ally leaders; the launch of a Spectrum Allies Programme, which engage, educates and empowers colleagues across GSK; working with GSK’s other ERG’s to represent intersectionality across the company’s LGBTQ+ population; encouraging people to display pronouns on emails, business cards, security badges and more; regular events and panel discussions; supporting several UK Pride events to support access for employees including a Pride Flag relay across all GSK sites while also ensuring that Pride is a year-round focus.

PROUD Network

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow’s dedicated LGBTQ+ group, named the Proud Network, has 160 members and counting. They pride themselves on being a safe space for colleagues and passengers, and ensure they create policies and procedures which protect LGBTQ+ colleagues and passengers. An important accomplishment was Proud’s pivotal role in implementing a trial of inclusive toilets in terminals. In June, its Pride Month celebration reached new heights as they secured Heathrow’s largest-ever float, with more than 60 colleagues taking part. Additionally, they deepened a commitment to intersectionality through the production of newsletters. The culmination of these efforts was the successful lobbying of our executive team, resulting in a company-wide email statement affirming unwavering support for transgender passengers and colleagues. Undoubtedly, 2023 stands as Heathrow’s Proud Network’s most significant year, characterised by driving excellence in innovation, fostering inclusion and unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.

HSBC Pride (1)

The HSBC UK Pride Employee Network


The HSBC UK Pride Employee network promotes creating an inclusive environment for its lesbian, gay, bi and trans+ (LGBTQ+) colleagues and customers, so that the workplace is as diverse and inclusive as possible. We do this through a variety of activities, including learning and development, lobbying the organisation and collaboration with the other ERGs to support all aspects of diversity, from ethnicity and race to gender equality. We also encourage everyone to be an ally to each other, to actively engage with, learn about and support diversity in all its guises, to help everyone at HSBC feel like they belong. The network has an amazing 4,500 members (including a large percentage of allies) and operates through local teams called chapters to effectively engage with the whole geographically diverse network. Within the main Pride network, they operate safe spaces and run internationally acclaimed training to the wider organisation. Throughout 2023 they delivered a number of market-leading initiatives which generated extensive positive press and helped to improve the experience of colleagues and customers, while signalling their unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community through social media channels.

Moody’s Pride BRG


Moody’s Pride BRG, renamed in 2021 to underscore inclusivity for trans, non-binary and all minority groups, strives to cultivate a work environment where employees can express their authentic selves. This group celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, amplifies underrepresented voices and embraces intersectionality through strategic alliances. It operates globally, creating local networks within UK offices to support LGBTQ+ employees and allies. Comprising professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they work collaboratively to foster connection and provide support within their global-local communities. The vision of Moody’s Pride BRG is to establish an inclusive culture where every employee can flourish and realize their full potential.

Moodys-Pride (1)
Mobility Operations (1)

The Pride Network

Motability Operations Ltd

The Pride Network is Motability Operations Ltd.’s LGBTQ+ employee network. Founded in 2018, the group’s purpose is to celebrate its vibrant community of LGBTQ+ colleagues and provide a platform for growth and awareness. The Pride network operates across our four locations in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Coalville, Leicestershire, and has more than 200 members. Each year the group celebrates pride by attending their local pride event and continues to observe other events such as LGBT History Month, Transgender Awareness Week and many more. One highlight for the group was the creation of a guide called Supporting Our Trans Colleagues, which is used by managers and employees when colleagues are going through gender transition in the workplace.


Pride In Ourselves


OVO believes that energy can be better for people, their wallets and the planet. The company is on a mission through its sustainability strategy Plan Zero to tackle the most important issue of our time – the climate crisis – by bringing customers with on the path to zero. OVO has committed to being a net-zero carbon business and aims to achieve bold science-based carbon reduction targets, while helping customers reduce their household emissions at the same time. OVO was awarded Company of the Decade at the BusinessGreen Leaders’ Awards and has won multiple awards, including Innovation Project of the Year, for investing in the market-leading technology, customer service operations and digital products to help customers cut their carbon emissions. It also won the award for Best Place to Work for Women and came in the Top 10 for ‘Very Big Organisations’ in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023 for offering forward-thinking policies and better flexibility for everyone to balance work with life.

OVO-Group (1)



Proud@Sainsbury’s is the UK’s most active LGBTQ+ colleague network, attending 40+ Prides and with 3,500 active members. They are proud to support AKT and Sparkle. The network’s core mission is to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and non-binary colleagues and grow allyship across the business. The Proud@Sainsbury’s network enables colleagues to be out, proud and to fulfil their potential. Sainsbury’s wants to be the most inclusive retailer, a bold aim for one of the UK’s largest employers with a truly national presence. With more than seven per cent of colleagues identifying as LGBTQ+, Sainsbury’s is proud that beneath the orange signage there is a rich rainbow-fabric of more than 10,000 LGBTQ+ colleagues. Supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues to grow fulfilling careers requires commitment and support. Specific colleague and line manager support is offered by both the DE&I team and colleague network Proud@Sainsbury’s.


Virgin Money

Vibrant, Virgin Money’s LGBTQI+ inclusion group, has had a journey that has been nothing short of extraordinary. It has delivered a succession of engaging initiatives that celebrate diversity in all its glory, including Trans Day of Remembrance, Lesbian Day of Visibility, Black History Month intersectional events with other Virgin Money colleague networks and external events with groups like LGBT Youth Scotland. Vibrant has created a tapestry of interwoven safe spaces to embrace every member of its community. Their story is not just about recognition; it is about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and included. Vibrant’s influence extends beyond internal boundaries by playing a pivotal role in sharing best practices within the Virgin Family, contributing to a culture of inclusivity. Vibrant has been instrumental in advocating for inclusive facilities, ensuring that buildings provide gender-neutral toilets and complimentary sanitary products. As a network driven by the passion of volunteers, its influence resonates not only within Virgin Money but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for other organisations striving to create truly inclusive environments.