Business submissions FAQ

What is the word count for my submission?

Your full submission should be 600 words or less. If you go over this by more than 50 words, you will be asked to reduce your word count.

What should I include?

Include factual information, i.e. ‘in the past 12 months the network group has increased by 50% membership’, ‘I have launched an LGBTQIA+ campaign single-handedly’,

  • Who was involved in any initiatives:

When referencing programmes, events or initiatives, please indicate if you’ve personally spearheaded, founded or drove them, or whether your involvement was part of a wider effort. Include how you supported.

  • Impact of initiatives introduced:

Please describe impact of any initiatives, what did your initiative or the work carried out achieve?

What evidence should I attach?
Any additional files attached are used to substantiate your core submission (within the 600 words), there is a limit of 3 files that can be included, please do not add any additional information that isn’t referenced in your submission. Unfortunately additional information of this type will be discounted from scoring.

Judges will be looking for:
– Positive impact over the last 12 months
– Evidence-based results
– When referencing numerical increases, please use figures instead of percentages

If you have any questions regarding the entry process, please contact